“Welcome fellow epicure! I’m excited to share my creations with you.”

Summer Special: Salmon Salad & Solkadi

Presenting nature’s twin coolants—coconut and kokum! Together, they form ‘solkadi’, a tangy magic potion. In this recipe solkadi is treated like a dressing, and accompanies a quick pan-seared salmon, raw salad components, and some fun home experiments with molecular gastronomy.

Summer Special: Raspberry Lemon Tartlets

Nestled in palm-sized short crust pastry shells and topped with mini meringues and fresh, dried, and freeze-dried raspberries, this lemony dessert puts the tart in tartlets. Sweet and tangy, fresh and light — it is a beaming ray of sunshine with the miraculous power to cool.

Eid Special: Calcutta Mutton Biryani

A mélange of Awadhi cooking techniques, Mughlai ingredients, and Bengali sentiments, Calcutta Mutton Biryani is a true culinary masterpiece. A blend of tender goat meat, aromatic rice, and buttery potato, this low-on-heat and high-on-flavour dish is steeped in history and deliciousness.

Be discerning

Get the finest ingredients you can afford. Sometimes, really outstanding products can be found locally and sourced easily. Experiment and do your research. That silky couverture chocolate bar might be tucked away in Bangalore rather than Brussels.

Have no fear

You’re looking for a treat, not a cheat. When you skimp on fat content and sugar quantities, you pretty much sacrifice taste. If you take the time and effort to create something from scratch, why not strive for maximum flavour and receive the biggest payoff?

Take. Your. Time.

Save the shortcuts and hacks for your daily dishes. Weekends are for leisurely strolls through recipes. Knead that dough for a full 15 minutes. Simmer that sauce for 2 whole hours. How much time you put in is key to how much flavour you will bang out.

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